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Hearty Health Habits
Hearty Health Habits

Self discipline is nothing but the ability to control the actions we perform in our daily lives. Self-discipline can be developed. It isn’t necessary for us to feel like it before exercising or having uncomfortable conversations or doing chores. If you take responsibility for something, it shows how much you want to achieve a greater goal.

Not only does exercise increase your fitness and mental performance, it also improves your mood and sleep quality, reduces anxiety levels and a likelihood of becoming sick. Exercise is basically the master of all.

Waking up before 6 am give you extra hours to exercise, time to reflect on the day ahead and a bit of peace before starting a hectic day. The truth about success is that it involves every aspect of our lives, not just our bank balance and work. Get in the habit of never leaving anything that you wanted to finish at the beginning of the day, incomplete at the end.

Being the best in your field doesn’t require long hours at your desk and stressful power struggles. It simply required a keen interest in your field of work. Dedicate one hour every day to your idea. All you need to do is focus on your own strengths & skills.

If you want to eat healthier, learn to enjoy the taste of delicious, fresh, healthy food. Soon the habit will become its own reward. All of us have thoughts that we’re not even aware of. For example, “Just one cigarette won’t make a difference”, “Losing weight is very hard.” Recognise these thoughts and you’ll be able to discard them.

While most people let work, family, social engagements and other priorities get in the way of exercise; really fit people make exercise a priority no matter what.

Pick active weekend activities like bike rides, hikes or tennis. Take the stairs. Always. Sitting is bad for you. Move around often. While you can’t control what your boss does, what your colleagues say or the state of the economy, you can control how you react, how you accomplish work and how you spend your time.

Ensure that you’re working from a quiet, comfortable, and soothing workspace. Physical discomfort is a surprising cause of work stress.

Drinking enough water is a vital part of any diet program because it aids every aspect of bodily function. Have the choice of three or four things that you would like for your daily meals, depending on nutritional value.

Most people know that small, frequent meals are the only way to go. This is because when we go longer than 3 hours without eating, our levels of the stress hormone – Cortisol – rise.

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